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WCT Deduction rate on amc in jammu    1  134
Goods sold outside the state at rs 300000 excluding 2percent CST I want solution with journal entry    1  114
how many form used in sales tax return from begining to ending?    0  109
How to reconcile a Vendor who is a supplier as well as a Contractor?    0  110
Sir we have maintaint RG 23 Part I Excise Register manually but we can maintaint excise register in Tally erp 9 we tray but tally not show properly RG 23 Part I Excise register like manual. please guide & solve the problme.    0  112
how to calculate entry tax interest rate 2011-2012 assessment pending amt. is Rs.32000    0  117
I am a trader supplying goods to an exporter in other state. Is it enough if I get form H from him, to avail tax exemption?    1  195
what is roc which works roc    1  117
the amount of tds is remain same shall will be deducted by deductor or deductee    1  254
why tds is considered as asset    2  260
i forgot to deduct tds in Contractor non corporate in july 15 so what should i do now? Please Suggest.    3  267
I forgot to deduct TDS on individual contractor and Exceed amount 70000 so what should to do?    2  234
what is the difference between tds tax code and tds tax type in sap fi    0  109
How Much Total Amt of salary is for deduction under section 94J for full year    2  211
If foreign remittance revived from abroad from company to an individual saving account ,who has a tax payer,through designated agent/diplomat of rbi,( e.G. In case winning of prizes or lottery ) What is c.O.T. Code charges ? How can we treated in accounts ?    1  196
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the value of the Budget for 2009-10 380
what is the method of work contract tax computation 1155
which is the first liability for pay Service Tax to GOvt 329
what is rate of different service tax in haryana 114
Our firm is 7 years old. We don't have PT registration for partners as well as employee. If we do it now, will it be a problem or how much penalty will come. Any one can give suggestion. 341
how to calculate service tax on tds 598
While depositing cash at any bank above then Rs 50K, we need to provide PAN Card or we have to fill form 60, but tell me why a person needs to sign FORM 60 if he is paying installments of >50K of Loan availed by him/her earlier? As if he is repaying Loan, not depositing in his A/c? 1871
which form no's wiil be used for filing IT,ADVANCE TAX, TDS,VAT,CST,ST,PT,EXICE DUTY,ESI,PF?What is the Due Dates? very urgent 623
What is the SEZ formalties in cement Industry? 614
what is the exise limit in granite manufacturing 364
Can we get excise and VAT credit form staff welfare goods like shoes, uniform, goggles etc.? 912
The Depreciation Rate for Heavy Equipments like cranes (used in the construction of bridges, flyovers etc ... ) is 30% as per the companies act. If i buy a crane for Rs. 10 Lakh and claim depreciation the cost of the crane in the 2nd year is 7 Lakh and in the 3rd year it is 4.9 Lakh and in the 4th year it is 3.4 Lakh ...... Can i re-value the crane in the 5th year to the 2nd hand market price of Rs. 20 Lakh and claim depreciation on it @ 30% ? (Cost of crane in 6th Year now is 20 Lakh - 6 Lakh = 14 Lakh ) 9358
how many form used in sales tax return from begining to ending? 109
Tell about dvat and dvat rate 1204
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