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Question { Infosys, 74855 }

What is garbage collection in Java, and how can it be used ?


GarbageCollector: Whenever an object is no longer used in
the program at that time the garbage collector reclaims the
memory of an object.It is controlled by the JVM ,The JVM
runs periadically by using "mark" and "sweep"algorithms.
Instead of "destructor" in c++ , java supports garbage

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Question { Wipro, 14523 }

Differentiate constructor and a method and how are it be


Constructor(): It is also a method but it doesnot allow
return type even void also.It will call automatically
whenever an object is created of a appropriate class.
But class name and constructor should be the same.d
Method():U have to call explicitly .

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Question { Wipro, 17294 }

Java support what type of parameter passing ?


Hi... By default java supports "pass by value" in case of
primitive datatypes.
In case of objects it supports "pass by references"

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Question { Wipro, 17719 }

Is there is any error if you have multiple main methods in
the same class?


No error

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Question { TCS, 22090 }

How to initialize an Applet ?


Using public void init();method of the Applet life cycle we
can initialize an applet.

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Question { 8239 }

Can you call a private data from an inner class?


Yes ,we can call even private data in an inner classes.

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Question { Wipro, 7953 }

What is Type-3 Driver and when this driver is used?


Type3 Driver:
It is also known as "Net Protocol driver" which is working
based on three-tier system.It requires a middle tire.Mainly
it is used in the "Network environment applications".It
will dependent on one of the application servers like
BEA Weblogic,IBM Websphere etc..

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Question { 6289 }

What is Introspection?


Hi... Introspectation is the mechanism to analyzing the
bean properties like its size, color,etc.

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Question { Infosys, 7305 }

Explain Object Serialization and it can be used?


Object Serialization: It is process of storing an object
state as permanently in the file(secondary storage).Java is
internet language ,so we need to serialize an object
into "bit-blobs" streams inorder to send an object(s) over
the network.To achieve this task we can use "Serializable"
interface(Marker interface),"ObjectOutputStream"
and "ObjectInputStream" classes also plays key role in the
Serialization process.

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Question { 3261 }

What is a compilation unit?


Hi...The source code file itself is a compilation unit

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Question { 4495 }

What is a thread?


Thread is a light-weight program ,or it is separate
execution path with in the program.

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Question { 8103 }

What is rmic?


Hi... It is a RMI compiler,to create stubs and skeletons of
a application

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Question { 5882 }

What is serialization and de-serialization ?


Serialization: It is the process of storing the object
state into permanent device like harddisc,external file

De-serialization:It is the process of getting the object
state, just reverse of the serialization.

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Question { Verizon, 9278 }

What is synchronization?


Synchronization:It is a mechanism of controlling the shared
resource againist the multiple processes inorder to provide
the concurrent access.

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Question { 6583 }

Name the method to find, if a thread is active or not?


Hi... u can use "public void isActive();"method in the
Thread class

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