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Question { 50192 }

What is TCS?
Are the rates of TDS and TCS same??


Tax collected at source. this is tax mainly levied
on "scrap sales" the present rate is 1% + surcharge & cess.

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Question { ABC, 43770 }

What is minium bill of TDS Deduction


If Contractor give us 1st Bill - 10000/-
2nd Bill - 15000/-
3rd Bill - 7000/-


DEDUCT 2% on each bill - if it is contractor

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Question { 13822 }

What do you mean by the term Accounts Payables/ Receivables?


Accounts Payables = you purchased from them on credit.
Accounts receivable= you sold them on credit

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Question { LIC, 72650 }

What is the full form and the application of SAP?


Systems Applications and Products for data processing

this is ERP system & application in almost every area, viz
production, Finance, Dispatch, quality, HR, store etc.

Finance FI, FICO (Controlling)
Quality = QA module
Material = MM Module

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Question { FactSet Systems, 9715 }

whah is price earning formula?


Market Price per share / Earning per share.

EPS = Net profit to equity shareholder / no. of euquity

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Question { 10361 }

what is the meaning of Cost center?


cost centre may be an item of equipment, a person, a deptt
etc from where cost is recovered.
this is basically recording a cost / expense in appropriate
place / group / centre.

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Question { TATA, 70617 }

whether VAT is an asset or liabilities?


If VAT is receivable (ie on purchase bill) it is asset.
if Vat is payable (ie on sales bill) it is liability

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Question { Genpact, 9565 }

In Balance Sheet Why we entered Liabilites & Incomes under
Liabilites side , Assets & Expenditures under Assets
side.In general think incomes are asssets,expenditures are


Please read separate legal entity concept.

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Question { 4705 }

How many types of inventories are there for a company ?


Raw Material
Packing Material
Finished Goods

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Question { 3994 }



Always Better Control

ABC classification for control purpose only
You keep your inventory/stock in 3 categories

A = High Value Low Quantity (Strict Control)
B = Middle Value Middle Quantity (Middle Control)
C = Low Value High Quantity (Low Control)

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Question { 11302 }

What is the Meaning of E.& O.E ?


Errors & Ommissions Expected.

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Question { 3609 }



IRR = internal rate of return = arrive at a rate where
present value of inflow will equal to present value of

NPV = Net present value = present value of cash inflow -
present value of cash outflow

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Question { 7295 }

we are deducting tds for our clients under section 194C
section. exemption under this section is Rs.20000
suppose if a client bills more than Rs.20000, then i have
to deduct tds only for above Rs.20000/- bills or from the
first bill onwards.please clear me with as example


exemption means, if client bill will be less tnan Rs 20000
for a year then pls do not deduct tds. if it is more than
Rs 20000 then deduct TDS on full value. (there as such no
exemption on TDS, this limit Rs 20000 is only for whether
to deduct TDS or not)

TDS has to be deducted on full value ie do not reduce Rs
20000 from bill. if bill is Rs 25000 deduct TDS on 25000 ie
2% on 25000 & not 2% on 5000 (25000-20000)

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Question { 19664 }

basic knowledge of accounting ?


Accounting is an
Art of recording
Art of Classifying
Art of Summarising
the Monetary Transaction & finally interpreting the results

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Question { 7838 }

How to create report of t code f-02 in SAP FI?


i hv not understood fully ur question on f-02.

if you want to see doc number created by f-02 you pls run
fb03 click on document list fill the necessary tabs &

if you want to add f-02 t code in your favourite, then go
to favourate at menu bar click on insert transaction, put T
code f-02 click ok.

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