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In "V" model of SDLC which phase correspond to integration testing: 1. Requirements 2. Analysis 3. Design 4. Coding


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If a bug is found by the customer after product release, then what cycle is applied to find the cause of that defect

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If you have an application to test and there are no
requirement specs, no test cases , no documents, you
dont know even the functionality then how would you perform


I think santosh is right. In ad-hoc testing it's assumed
that the tester has significant knowledge of the program
under test. So in this case we can do exploratory testing

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Question { Covansys, 7763 }

Suppose one functionality appears in an application which
was not there in the what u do as a tester?


Any deviation from requirement is a bug.
If the functionality is not required,it should be removed.
Nobody knows waht impact can that functionality can cause
to the program in future.

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Question { MBT, 5544 }

what is the diff between test strategy & test methodology?


Test Strategy: It's about how to test a piece of code. What
will be the approach for testing and it also defines what
levels of testing will be conducted.

Test methodology:Its'a a broader term which includes test
startegy also.It basically consists of the following steps:
1.Acquire & study the test strategy.
2.Determine the type of developement project.
3.Determine the type of software system.
4.Determine project scope.
5.Identify tactical risk.
6.Determine when testing should start.
7.Build system test plan.
8.Build system unit plan.

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