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Question { AppLabs, 20411 }

what is the difference between Test case and Test scenario?
is it necessary to prepare scenarios before writing test
cases?explain in detail.


Test scearios is a high level test case..
Where as testcase describes step by step process how we
validate application functionality

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Question { CTS, 4998 }

OR is full with objects but i want to add 5 more
objects,but i tried merging files,shared mode and
descriptive ,iwont there any alternative for that


We can use DP

But I think we can also do it

Export the OR to a specific location and call the OR
whenever required to the script

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Question { 4061 }

If a script has a local repository and also uses a shared
repository, which repository will QTP use first when
searching for an object during playback?


QTp first uses Local reposiyory then goes for Shared

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Question { Microsoft, 19846 }

how can you select random value for every iteration from a


Get the count of elements in the weblist

for i = 0 to count-1

result = randomnumber(i,count-1)

browser("xyz").page("xyz").weblist(" ") .select result


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Question { ADP, 7866 }

one ok button and one text box is there.when i click on ok
button in that text box one no. will display from 1 to 100
randomley.if that is not 100 when we click on ok button
again ,again another text box ll created with another no.
we will continue this till the text box created and
displays 100.and when its 100 ok button should disabled.
remember thet no will display not seriely ,it displays
randomley,and each time new text box will created.


for i = 1 to 100
a = dialog("xyz").winedit("name").getvisibletext(" ")
if a<>100 then
dialog("Login").WinButton("OK").CheckProperty(OK , disabled)


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Question { Oracle, 16502 }

you written some code in qtp for opening browser
and entered some text inthe search text box and clicked
search button. this is ur script..

before running this script i have already opened two browsers.
now am running the script what will happen?
script will run or what??



Google Browser does get opened and the script execution
stops there

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Question { EDS, 5403 }

)In which way we can say html recording mode is best over
the URL mode to record the script in Vu gen?


IN HTML recording mode the execution will be all
the server responses will not be captured in the script.
In URL all the server responses will be captured in the
script and hence the execution will be slow

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Question { Wipro, 8660 }

how can u capture the database counters?


Using SQL profiler if u r using SQL server as a database

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Question { Virtusa, 12218 }

Suppose there are 100 links in a web page and the number of
links will be changing dynamically from time to time. I
need code such that every time i had to click on the last
link of the web page.


set odesc = decription.create

odesc("micclass").value = "Link"

set n = browser("xxx").page("xxx").childobjects(odesc)

objcount = n.count


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Question { 4510 }

If you are using descriptive programming and you have two
objects with the same name, so you are identiying them by
name and index, how can you avoid errors if a third object
with the same name is added at the begining of the page?


sameena is absolutely correct

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Question { 2502 }

can any one tell me how to select some text.i need the
script for that


I think we have to use TEstx checkpoint for this

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Question { 9600 }

Hi, I want to retrieve the cell data in the WebTable.
For that I have defined a new test object under the browser
and have given html tag and text as the test object
properties. But while I try to identify it it says 'Object
description is not unique'. I tried adding innerhtml,
outerhtml, innertext and outertext along with the ordinal
identifiers; but no use. What more properties need to be
added to identify it?
Also I want to enable smart identification for this object
but the field is disabled in the object repository for this
object alone(In QTP tools->object identification the enable
smart identification checkbox is enabled). How do I enable


Now the cell data whih u r tryi ing to retreive is it
Now if its a webelement go for the property inner text

but i think u tried this


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Question { 2361 }

My application is a web application which was developed by
Java. In that application we have applets to do some
operations. Is it possible to recognize applets using QTP?
If yes, how?
pls, help me this


U need to have a Java addin to recognize Applets

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Question { 4998 }

how to make connection to a remote mysql database in qtp
any one can please provid eme deatail steps.


Set con = createobject("ADODB.connection")
Set rs = createobject"ADODB.Recordset")
Set com = createobject("ADODB.command") "Driver=SQL SERVER;Server=server name (Where
DB is located);Database=DB name;Uid=uname;Pwd=pwd;" )
vf_com.Activeconnection = vf_con

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Question { Verizon, 9368 }

What is action required by QTP if a popup message is coming
in exsisting script and now it is not coming.
The script is having code to deal with popup message now
when we run the script now the popup i snot coming
according to new build, instead of changing the code what
we can do?


We can use Recovery scenarios to handle the POP UP

OR write the code to handle the pop up un IF condition.

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