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To provide the relation between two or more modules those
are already cinstructed or under construction to check out
whether those are working or not.

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Combing the modules in the application after developing all
the modules and after conducting unit testing. During
integration testing we are combing the modules and test the
data flow between the modules generally it is conducted by
the developers those who are involved in developing the

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All individual unit are integrated and tested is called
integrated testing

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Initially Unit testing is conducted i,e Verifying the logic
of a single program is called unit testing and also we can
call as testing a single program.Once Unit testing is
completed those tested units(program) are intergrated and
we call it as a module.Then those modules are tested to
validate that after integrating all the programs that
module is functioning properly or not and we also call this
as Component testing also.Once all the modules are tested
then those modules are again integrated,To check those
interconnections are working properly or not we conduct
integration testing.For Example in Gmail application
Sentitems,Inbox.... are different modules and developed
independently.After completely developing those modules we
will integrate them and conduct integration testing so that
it is functioning as expected or not, for this we will
approaches Such as TOP Down,Bottom up,Big Bang,Hybrid

If I am wrong please correct me.

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Combined/integrated all the modules and we test exact
navigation from module to another module.
The purpose of integration testing is to ensure distinct
components of the application still work in accordance to
customer requirements.

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all the elements(modules)are connected to each other and
after that we are going for testing

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integration testing:-all under control condition of
application's both the function works correctly or not to
check that functionality is called integration testing.
thank you.

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it is a testing in which units will be tested,these units
will be combined or integrated to form complete system

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As the name suggests 'Integration' means intigrating
somthing, can be any object/product/software module and
after integrating it, check what's it's functionality,
performance and all.

Usually, integration testing is done after UNIT Testing and
before SYSTEM Testing starts in the Software Development
Life Cycle.

Integration Testing can be done in both of the ways.
By using Black Box Testing Statergy or by using White Box
Testing Statergy.

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Testing the interface/relationship/connectivity/bridge
between the modules (or) between the features.

it done mainly on two approaches..
bing bang approach
incremental approach
a) Top downApproach
b) Bottom Up Approach.

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We think Integration Testing should validate if systems
exchange data as in business process definitions.

A full integration test will consider all systems required
for a business process end-to-end. However it focuses on the
interoperability of the systems and does not consider
organizational issues.

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Giving an error report whether
a) critical
b) trivial
c) normal

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it is the testing done once we get all the modules, before
this we do functional testing in this we test each and every
component works or not after this we go for integration
testing where the components are tested integrating them,
ex: in gmail we have many features like inbox, compose mail,
sent items,,,,,,, so the functionsl testin is testing each
and every feature but in intg tes.. first the mail is
composed and sent and then it is checked in sent items so
here we integrating two features

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integration testin is a interface of software .

Reply / g.penchala reddy

Upon completion of unit testing,integration testing
begins.Integration testing is black box testing.The purpose
of integration testing is to ensure distinct component of
application still work in accordance to customer
requirements.Testing cases are developed with the express
purpose of exercising the interfaces between the
components.This activity is carried out by the testing
team.Integration testing is considered complete,when actual
results and expected results are either in line or
differences are expandable/acceptable based on client input.