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testing performed after software is being aditya sharma

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Beta Testing:-It is conducted at the end users site

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If the software is product then Beta testing will be done.
Beta Testing:
If the testers and model customers combines
test the software in customer site,then it is called Beta

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Beta Testing is the process of giving the product to
customers and let them do the testing at their environment.

Simple fact, if ur company is Product based company, u
don?t have any customers as such. U developed ur won
product and sell in open market. Whoever buys ur product is
ur customers. So u usually tries to generate the possible
customer?s environment for testing both Alpha and Beta

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Beta Testing
Operational testing at a site not otherwise involved with
the software developers.

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Beta Testing: Testing the application in the customer site
by the end users before release the product in to

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Beta testing:
is is also king of user acceptance test performed at the
client site with the Beta testers

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Beta testing
when the project is tested in user side ...its called beta
testing ..

Reply / suneel reddy

Beta testing is conducted at the customer site by the end
user of delivered software product

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The software has reached "beta" stage when it is operating
with most of its functionality, and is ready for user

Beta tests enable the software to be tested in customer
environments, giving users the opportunity to exercise the
software, find errors, and correct them before a product is
released. For beta test, the software is delivered to
customers' sites, along with instructions on what features
to exercise in the software. The developer records, tracks,
and addresses reported bugs.

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beta testing is nothing but testing of application by user
at user site, without monitoring of developer.

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Beta testing is done by the end user. Developer is not
present there.

Reply / anirudhjain

Beta Testing is nothing but testing of complete Software
product in the Testing Environment i.e built as Client side
environment in presence of Client at the Client side.
Here the Client check the product or test it using his
inputs in presence of Tester and if Client got any
problem , the tester report that to the development team as
a Defect.

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It should be done by End-users in their enviroment in the
presence of relasing team.

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Beta testing is generally done for a product. This testing
process is genarally conducted by the third party oter than
the testers who have done the actual testing. The testing
should be like how the enduser use it.
It can be compared with user acceptance testing for a