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Reply / kris

alpha testing related to acceptance testing. so,
accepting testing is done in front of client or customer for
their acceptance.

Reply / debashish_samanta

Alpha Testing is nothing but Acceptance testing.

So in Alpha testing the Client has to verify
The Product is developed according to their

1.Requirement and Specification.
2.SLA(Service Level Agreement) i.e Time Line
3.DRE (Defect Rate Efficiency)<0.8 DRE = DRE=A/A+B = 0.8
A = Testing Team (Defects by testing team)
B = customer ( " " customer )

If DRE <=0.8 then good product otherwise not.

If client is missing any thing and they are giving a green
signal to the product then later on if they are getting any
error then the product has to come in a new cycle again.

Reply / janardan mishra

In alpha testing, there in no need of customer. Customers
are required in beta testing.

Reply / umasubbu4u

Alpha Testing: Simulated or actual operational testing at
an in-house site not otherwise involved with the software

Reply / Arif

Alpha Testing: Testing software in the developer site
by the customer after 80% - 90% completion of developing
the application.

Reply / vsnraju19

alpha testing:
it is a kind of user acceptance test performed at the
development site by the test engineers in the presence of

Reply / vivek.ranganathan

Alpha testing :When the project is said to be in completion
it is said to alpha testing .Minor changes can be made at
the end of this testing .It is done in front of
developers , tester

Reply / suneel reddy

alpha testing is conducted by the client at the developers

Reply / harish

Alpha testing is the software prototype stage when the
software is first able to run. It will not have all the
intended functionality, but it will have core functions and
will be able to accept inputs and generate outputs. An
alpha test usually takes place in the developer's offices
on a separate system.

Reply / venkat

alpha testing is nothing but testing of application by user
at developer site,under the monitoring of developer.

Reply / nitin verma

Alpha testing is being done by both end user and the developer.
Beta testing is done by the end user.Developer is not
present there.

Reply / anirudh jain

Testing after code is mostly complete or contains most of
the functionality and prior to users being involved.
Sometimes a select group of users are involved. More often
this testing will be performed in-house or by an outside
testing firm in close cooperation with the software
engineering department.

Reply / sushma

In this testing process testers will verify the app in the
presence of the End-users(client) with in the organization
enviroment. It is also know as Off-site testing.

Reply / praveen

Alpha Testing is only done by the development end.In this
testing there is no need of client.We check the product
that it is according to the client requirements or not.

Reply / gyan

Alpha testing is done in the same company but differnt
group of testers from the actual testing group who were
part of the team during system testing.