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Usability Testing is nothing but the application is user
friendly or not. i.e easy to use and easy to operate.

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UT :
Testing the ease with which users can learn and use a

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There no automation tools available for usability testing

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usability testing is not related to tester.
this is done by collecting the suggestions of end users

Reply / Lakshmana Rekha Basu

Usability Testing is nothing but testing an intended user
of the system can carry out the intended task efficiently.

usually this testing is done before going to production
by then all the bugs found are fixed and closed.

the test scenarios are used to verify the usability.
mainly the participants are atleast:
1 user representetive
1 test host
1 dveloper
1 business representetive.

usually observers are in separate rooms or on separate
machines,and no.of sessions they do is depend on the
complexity of the application.

usually in about 10 session most of the uncovered issues
can be found.

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Testing for 'user-friendliness'. Clearly this is
subjective, and will depend on the targeted end-user or

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UT means to test 'how simple the application to use'.

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usability testing is nothing but testing the applivation
whether it is user friendly or not
in usability testing,we will check font size,font
color,back color,tables,borders etc.. but the above
requirements by the customer is rare

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Please maintain some basic ethics

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A technique for ensuring that the intended users of a
system can carry out the intended tasks efficiently,
effectively and satisfactorily. Usability tetsing is
carried out in an entire different manner as compared to a
noremal Syatem testing cycle. Main objective of Usability
tetsing is to ensure that the AUT (application under test)
does conform to the Usability Principles, and this is
achieved thourgh various evaluation methods(cannot explain
them all).
A simple example ot usability testing is "testing whether
an application can be easily traversed and operated by a
handicapped person i.e. blind, colorblind, does not have
hand (in this case through verbal commands) etc."
Usability is vast topic and can be limited depending on
ones explicit requirements and not implicit requirements as
it can trun to be costly.

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Checking the user friendly ness of the software,
esasy to learn and understand

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Usability testing is to evaluate an user friendliness of an
Test engineers will carried out the usability testing
Usability testing is done by Checklists