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char *p;

printf("%d %d ",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p));


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main() { char *p; printf("%d %d ",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p)); }..

Answer / susie

Answer :

1 2


The sizeof() operator gives the number of bytes
taken by its operand. P is a character pointer, which needs
one byte for storing its value (a character). Hence
sizeof(*p) gives a value of 1. Since it needs two bytes to
store the address of the character pointer sizeof(p) gives 2.

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main() { char *p; printf("%d %d ",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p)); }..

Answer / jha334201553

sizeof(*p) = sizeof(char) = 1
sizeof(p) = sizeof(void *)

I don't know the value of sizeof(p) .In deferent system the
value is deferent.In DOD, it's 2. int 32bits winNT, it's 4.
in 64bits WinNT, It's 8

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main() { char *p; printf("%d %d ",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p)); }..

Answer / nikki

its 1 2

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main() { char *p; printf("%d %d ",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p)); }..

Answer / arif


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main() { char *p; printf("%d %d ",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p)); }..

Answer / dilberphant

The results are indeterminate. The program code is in error.

1) The variadic function printf() requires an in-scope
prototype. No prototype for printf() has been provided.

2) main() is (by definition) a function that returns an
integer value. It is unclear which version of the C language
this program is intended to conform to, and for most
versions of the language, main() is required to include a
return <value>;
for some integer <value>

3) In a hosted environment, main() accepts either two
arguments (an int, and a char *[]) or none. Thus, either
main(int argc, char *argv[])
are acceptable

4) The size of a pointer is dependant on operating platform
and C compiler implementation. The C language does not
define a "correct" value for sizeof (char *), and thus /any/
value for sizeof (char *) is acceptable (with the above
caveats about platform and compiler). The value is
unpredictable at a theoretical level.

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main() { char *p; printf("%d %d ",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p)); }..

Answer / rajeev


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