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What is cohesion in c?

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Program will then find the largest of three numbers using nested if-else statements. User is prompted to enter three numbers. Program will find the largest number and display it on the screen. All three numbers entered by the user are also displayed. If user enters 21, 33, and 5, the output should be as follows: You entered: 21, 33 and 5. The largest number is 33.

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whats the use of header file in c?

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52.write a “Hello World” program in “c” without using a semicolon? 53.Give a method to count the number of ones in a 32 bit number? 54.write a program that print itself even if the source file is deleted? 55.Given an unsigned integer, find if the number is power of 2?

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main() { int x=20,y=35; x = y++ + x++; y = ++y + ++x; printf("%d %d\n",x,y); } what is the output?

10 Answers   Ramco,

mplementation of stack using any programing language

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find the output of the following program main() { int x=5, *p; p=&x; printf("%d",++*p); }

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Hierarchy decides which operator a) is most important b) is used first c) is fastest d) operates on largest numbers

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When the macros gets expanded?

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Write a program to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable?

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write a C code To reverse a linked list

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main() { inta=10,b=20; a>=5?b=100:b=200; printf("%d ",b); }

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What does. int *x[](); means ?

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