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A man holds a gun up to your head and says "shoot your father or I'll kill you both". You then shoot. Are you guilty of murder?What about if he had said "shoot your father or I'll kill you".Finally, what about it he had said "shoot your father or I'll kill him".

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all subject of 3rd sem llb

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how we can see in SENSEX and NIFTY listed companies ?

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Please expand section 24 of HMP?

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what is the meaning of grivance

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What is the minimum distance to be maintained from a residence area to oil depot ? Please mention the act name according which it is mentioned ?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you intent on becoming a career prosecutor?

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We are registered under Service Tax commission & installation, Can we taken credit of service tax for expenses like Telephone, traveling, clearing & forwarding?

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mention different sources through which preliminary expences can be write off,if co. is incurring losses can still preliminary exp. can be write off

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how much important to get police clearance from local police station to Canadian visa?(Work visa)

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What is forfeiture and lean of shares, acc to companies Act ? Plz let me know!!!

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when i make debit note then i take cst credit

0 Answers   Micron Enterprises,