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can we allocate memory for interface? if no then why?

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Write a Pseudo Code to find the angle between two hands of a clock for a given time.

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What is meaning of web application. & the purpose of web application. with description.

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To sorting array of 10 elements which sorting is best a)selection b)bubble c)tree sort

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SAS question: I have 50 fils a1,a2,...,a50. the primary key is upc. then if i want to merge all 50 files, the code is as follows, data test; merge a1 ... a50; by upc; run; we know that writing all 50 files name is time consuming, is there any standard format of this code?

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Plz sent me in .net 2.0 interview Question & answers?

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Who is providing best mainframes online training in Hyderabad

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Wats the name of the first os

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Write a program to swap the content of two variables without using a third variable.

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Given: coordinates of rectangle-> left bottom and right top points. the rectangles create a hole.Find the maximum area of the hole. eg. 4 rectangles create a hole in between. find its area.

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what is lazy loading in hibernate?Explain in detailed manner?

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Hi I am Rathnam, How To Remove the duplicates with out using remove duplicate stage in the datastage

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What is meant by SQL,PL/SQL,SQL PLUS? Is there any differnece between them?

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