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hey i heard that sbh has sent letter 2 its selected
candidates. congrates guys but can u tell me wether they
hve mentioned the place of posting in the letter?

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Leave rule of 6th pc

0 Answers   RRB,

when will the final result of SBH will be declared

2 Answers   State Bank of Hyderabad SBH, TCS,

hai friends, this is Raju. i cleared bank of baroda clerical exam. i have personal interview on 05-10-2010. this is my first interview. I don't have any idea about it. will you please give a brief idea about the interview? please i have very less time plese help me. please send your valuable suggestions to this mail id or my mobile 9533313536. my qualification is btech. please friends.....

0 Answers  

Hai friends, I hope u all are preparing well for the interview, as i said before my interview is on 13th the first day of the schedule, so i will let u know how was my interview and what they have asked me. Please answer the following questions?

0 Answers   BSRB,

I am working with a co-operative bank as a Trainee Officer and I am on probation. I am selected for SBI interview. Will I need to submit NOC. If I ask for NOC it can be a negative effect towards my existing employer. If I am not selected in SBI there are chances I cann loose my job here also

0 Answers  

hai.. i did bsc electronics and then mba mktg& hr. i attended for sbi clerical interveiw on april 30 th 2010. i am waiting for the results. how will my chances be? is these qualifications are drawback for me in selection procedure?

1 Answers  

Hey frnz, dis is NEHA JAIN again. can any1 plz tell me the basic category of questions asked in the interview for sbi clerical. like is it related to banking or GK, or smthng else???????? plz do mail id is

2 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

where was gandhi born?

3 Answers  

whwn will be the sbi clerical final results expected to be declared for which wrtten held on 1st March 2009?

23 Answers   Bajaj, NMN, State Bank Of India SBI,

hi there anyone who got selected for canara bank probationary clerk exam from bangalore?? if anybody is there plz reply..

84 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

what is mixed economy? please answer it with suitable examples

3 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

There is an increase in SBI Clerical jobs for Recruitment 2010 from 11000 to 25000. Is this true? ATUL KASHIPUR (UTTRAKHAND)

1 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,