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iam studying btech in eee. will it be easy to write upsc
with my subjects.

iam studying btech in eee. will it be easy to write upsc with my subjects...

Answer / akhil suryavanshi

definetely, it wil b mor easy to do so.......

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The Public Relations Society of India was set up in: (1) 1955 (2) 1956 (3) 1957 (4) 1958

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The professional practice of public relations emerged first in: (1) United States of America (2) Great Britain (3) France (4) Denmark

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Prasar Bharati came into existence in: (1) 1995 (2) 1996 (3) 1997 (4) 1998

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The first amendment to the Indian Constitution restricted the freedom os: (1) religion (2) citizenship (3) association (4) speech and expression

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why I am suitable for this job

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