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what is the sub lieutenants actual work or job on the ship

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UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION CENTRAL POLICE FORCES (Assistant Commandants) Exam October 2004 Question Paper

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hi....can anybody tell me from which author to study for Psychology in IAS? Please tell me about time management also....

0 Answers   TCS,

The Public Relations Society of India was set up in: (1) 1955 (2) 1956 (3) 1957 (4) 1958

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which is the largest ship in india.

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Bitmap images are made up of: (1) squares (2) pixels (3) vertical lines (4) horizontal lines

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Which reference to human nutrition, which one of the following statements is not correct? a. Deficiency of Vitamin A can cause the non-functioning of tear producing glands b. Vitamin A is synthesized in the skin in the presence of sunlight c. Deficiency of Vitamin B1 is common in those areas where polished rice is the major food item d. Deficiency of Vitamin D causes increased loss of calcium in urine

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sir i want to appear the exam in the telugumedium.I am from andhra pradesh.which books are available in telugu medium.where it is available.

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How do you perform under pressure ??

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The largest circulated language newspaper of India is: (1) Anand Bazar Patrika (2) Malayala Manorama (3) Eenadu (4) Rajastan Patrika

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The code of ethics for public relations professionals is called: (1) PR code (2) Code of Athens (3) Code of IPR (4) PR Etiquette

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HI, Can any one tell me when we get call letters for civil service preliminary exams 2009.

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Is Indian Government Functioning Better than the Pakistan Government During 2010-2012?

3 Answers   IAS,