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What is the difference between Balance Sheet , Chart Of
Accounts and trial Balance?

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What is POP?

7 Answers   Mellon,

What is meant by budget? Explain briefly

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what is excice duty and where is applicable

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how standard costing techniques are applied in manufacturing sectors

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What is Working Capital Management ? Give the formula for it

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My Question regarding owners drawings. case1; If owner paid some expenses from his own pocket and later that amount added to his salary then what adjustment entries will needed.

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what is accounting standard?

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How to calculate bank's turnover?

11 Answers   Banking, DCCB, District Cooperative Central Bank DCCB, HDFC,

1) why rbi charges more interest rate in d form of repo while borrowing from commercial banks, and lends at a lower interest rate(reverse repo) to d commercial banks? 2) Do cooperative banks need to maintain policy rates with rbi? 3) why rbi does'nt pay any interest rate on CRR?

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If I deposited cash in a Bank, Is it Asset Or Liability for the Bank?

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