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hello sir ,mam
really i don't know the function of call center,
could the functions of call centre?

hello sir ,mam really i don't know the function of call center, could the functions of ca..

Answer / ashok kumar singh

Customer Support Services: Answering customer queries
through voice, e-mail and chat.

Technical Support Services: Finding and providing solutions
for customer problems related to hardware, software,
peripherals, and Internet.

Sales and Telemarketing Services: Interacting with customers
for selling or promoting products or services.

Administrative Support: It includes indexing, form
processing, data entry, document conversion, scanning, etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): It includes services
such as taking orders, customer service, product support,
technical help desk, and market research.

Finance and Accounting: It includes internal auditing,
travel expenses, time and expense management, credit and
debt analysis, collections, invoicing, accounts payable,
accounts receivable and billing-dispute resolution.

Human Resources and Training: It includes recruitment,
training, attrition/retention, database management,
contract-worker management, etc.

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