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Expand CMPF?

Expand CMPF?..

Answer / mumonishaa

Confidential Military Purpose Funds

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1 Answers  

what Trial Balance? state the difference bewtten Gross Trail balance & Net trail Balance?

5 Answers  

what is LIBOUR

3 Answers   Vijai Electricals,

How to Prepar Balance sheet?

8 Answers  

in cash transaction, above Rs.20,000/- is invalid for auditing but what if above Rs.20.000/- transaction is made & how much tax will be paid if transaction is above Rs.20,000/-

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What is the uses of Ratio's in The Finanacial management? Explain it?

2 Answers   IBM,

Choose the correct answer: In case of assesses other than companies, the following is advance tax rate to be payable on or before of 15th September on the current fringe benefits. (1) 15 per cent; (2) 30 per cent; (3) 45 per cent; (4) 60 per cent.

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What can the maxium amount transfer to the Suspense a/c?

1 Answers   BPO, Outsource Partners International,


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Expand C & F Agent

3 Answers  

what is vendor account group

1 Answers   Wipro,