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Answer / palani

carriage, Insurance, Freight

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why should we do accounts in company

5 Answers  

what is eoq? WHAT IS ITS FORMULA

2 Answers  

Office cash was stolen? state whether the following transcation is business transcation or non business transcation?

0 Answers  

Where the Cost of labour, Material used and sales scrap (if sales given)get effect in balance sheet

0 Answers  

what do you meant auction? what is F & o segment?

0 Answers  

what is waybill key number & how can it be issue?

0 Answers  

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1 Answers  

Which balance for profit ? debit or credit? also which balance for Opening Stock?

4 Answers  

what are the types of leasing and their accounting entries?

2 Answers  


0 Answers  

Difference between Income & Expenditure A/c AND P/L a/c.

6 Answers   HCL, Radico Khaitan, Siemens,

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