When volatile can be used?

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When volatile can be used?..

Answer / reejusri

One more thing i want to add in above answer that is if
compiler sees keyword volatile it skips that variable from
optimization of code, becasue since it is very dymanic in
nature and to manage such type of variable for
optimaization is costly.

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When volatile can be used?..

Answer / mustafa

Volatile restricts the compiler in two ways
1-> No optimization algorithm should be applied to this
2-> When ever you need the value of the volatile variable
please take it from the memory.

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When volatile can be used?..

Answer / qqlin

it means this value will be changed unexpectedly. everytime
the program wants to use it, it can only be got from memory
but not from the register directly.

if you want a variable can be accessed by several threads,
you need this key word, like in ISR program, etc.

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