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Answer / vishal

railway reciept

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which are the basic princeples of accountancy... with examples

0 Answers   Family Credit, Standard Bank,

cash sales and credit sales both are asset or liability?

0 Answers  

What do you mean by "Goods in Transit:

5 Answers  

what are the types of leasing and their accounting entries?

2 Answers  

How many types of routing protocols?

8 Answers   Cisco, Labcal, ZIA,

What you mean by Accruals

3 Answers   IBM,

what is vendor account group

1 Answers   Wipro,

How much is the need for journals in accounting?

1 Answers  

Example for extra ordinary expenditure?

0 Answers   Capital IQ,

we are in contraction business, we purchase raw material and paid tax on related material, suppose we want to bill to our party in WCT?

0 Answers  

FIND OUT wht is the price of 1kg rice , if total production of rice 15MT @35000/-(metric tunns)it includs vat 4%,excise tax 10%,fright 3000/-.

2 Answers  

basic concepts relating to final acount

1 Answers