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I want sample papers for NIC Examination. Plz send them to
my mail Id . Plz send it today,
tomorrow i've the exam.

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1. Consider the following input and generate the object code using single pass assembler. JOHN START 0 USING *,15 L 1,FIVE A 1,FOUR ST 1,TEMP FOUR DC F’4’ FIVE DC F’5’ TEMP DS ‘F END

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how to hide prompts

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Write a program to find factorial of a number using functions

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In loading programs into memory, what is the difference between load-time dynamic linking and run-time dynamic linking?

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Write code to read the records from a file and load any array of size 99?make sure that you take care of all the error conditions?

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Plz sent me in .net 2.0 interview Question & answers?

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What are the Short cut Keys of Tally ERP?

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how do find the user exit for selected feild whatis the process and can u plz explain it

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how do i create my own exception class which will restrict IO exception?

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How to print No.of.rows affected after updation using ADO.Net

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what is the difference between conversion and interface in bdc?

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What is meant by spooling

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