what is flsm

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Answer / bhisham

A fixed-length subnet mask FLSM is a sequence of numbers of
unchanging length that streamlines packet routing within
the subnets of a proprietary network. A subnet can be a
geographically defined gateway with its network number,
that packet is routed to its ultimate destination using a
subnet number. The FLSM is usually a string of binary
digits shown over the subnet number, telling the router

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Answer / mahesh

Fixed Length Subnet masks : This terminology is used to CLASSFUL Addressing. Let us take a ClassFul Address whic belongs to CLASS A.
It is defaultly assumed to have a Mask as 8. Only 8 bits for Network &&& remaing 24 bits for Host. So ., Routers assume this Mask when they got an Routing update from a Routing Protocol which is Class Ful [Ex: RIP V1] . If there is a Directly connected Network with different Mask ; then Routers assumes this mask.

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