Why do you want to join our organization?

Why do you want to join our organization?..

Answer / gnana sundar

It would be a great privilege to work in a reputed company like this,as it is a fast growing organization for a fresher it would be a best path to initiate the career

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1. If You join the company then what is the first thing you want to do , which you were not able to do in ur previous company? 2. Being a MCA graduate why you are looking for a call center job? 3. You don’t have any experience in call center field? why should i hire u? 4. q: why did u join in call center: ans: Now a days call center are glittering high in the market.They offering nice package and career.obviously one day you will be in a good position.it offers a lot of scope in developing your position 5. Tell something about BPO 6. Which colour do u like? 7. Why did you want to join the call center? 8. what is the difference of domestic and international call centre? 9. why do you want to join a call centre being a computer science graduate? 10. Tell me about your favorite colour? 11. What would u do, if u become a prime minister of ur country for six months 12. As am a fresher i don’t know how to attend a interview ,give me some tips? 13. Can u stay awake in the night? 14. Do u know how to speak English with American accent? 15. Do u have the patience to listen to others’ problems?

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How important is delegation of work to you? How this needs to be done?

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i want call center apptite test questions and answers also pls help me

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Hello,I am syda.Looking for a B.P.O(MNC)JOB.I would like to know the interview queries&answers.Also I would like toknow about J.A.M queries&answers.I have to attend interviews in this week.So Please kindly give reply to my queries.

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This advertisement for thos who are interested to do job in Domestic Call Center in Kolkata. The details are mentioned below Qualifications: 10+2 Min Skill: Spoken English, Hindi, Bengali. Willing to work as shift wise. Please send your C.V to vodafone.rahaman@yahoo.com or call to +91 9874528290

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what is the diffrence between BPO and IBM Daksh

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tell me about yourself.

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What Motivates you for this job ?

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hi....... i am a physiotherapist n i want to join bpo nif they ask me y u want 2 join bpo .sendme ur answer

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I want to know in brief - What is a Disiplineary Action Policy (DAP) and Carective Action Policy (CAP) the both terms used in call center ?

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what is the actual job at a call centre

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