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What are your advantages as a newbie?

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where u will use your specialization(B.Tech) in BPO?

1 Answers   SnapDeal, TCS, Wipro,

what is difference between WEP & WPA-PSK

0 Answers  

college days, school days

10 Answers   BPO, Wipro,

i am MBA fresher, but i want to work for bpo because of working enviormen & compensation they offer, should i show my mba qualification in resume for the international bpo job?

2 Answers  

sorry ******* u have been rejected as vacancy is full? then u ask for ur resume dan he/she says dat i keep it wid me if deris some vacancy i will let u know ?

0 Answers   Reliance,

why do you want to work at customer service?

7 Answers   HP, Monster, TelePerformance, TP, Vodafone,

Favourite Advt

2 Answers   HSBC,

i need some lines how to interview a person who is a cricket player

0 Answers   Wipro,

Why girls get more marks then boys.

32 Answers   Maples, NICE,

What is your most memorial moments in your college life?(

11 Answers   HCL, Sitel,

why u want to leave the present job?

13 Answers   Genpact,

6. is smoking injurious to health?why?

2 Answers   HSBC,