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wts differnce between svm&vxvm?

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wts differnce between svm&vxvm?..

Answer / nagesh

compare to vxvm in svm online resizing is not possible
,no relaouts

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wts differnce between svm&vxvm?..

Answer / vimal

1st we cant reduce size in svm but vxvm v can(no shrink)
2nd no online resizing in svm
3rd relayout in vxvm
4th snapshot in vxvm

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wts differnce between svm&vxvm?..

Answer / nagaswamy kumar

SVM support Up To one TB size but VXVM support more then
one TB size.

SVM with out unmount we can't to resize the file system ,in
VXVM we can resize withe out unmount.

Note: SUN -10 ZFS is better the VXVM.
and VXVM-4 not supported in SUN-9
M.Nagaswamy Kumar

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wts differnce between svm&vxvm?..

Answer / parameswar

svm vvm
resize not possible online possible
max storage 1tb in 9 ,16tb in 10 8hb(hexabite)
raid 1+0 can't impliment raid 1+0 can

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