how to execute the test cases

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What is Time Response Law Formula? Can anyone tell me pls?

0 Answers  

how many bugs can an app have before we can release it?

3 Answers   Aurigo,

User flow chart for an ecommerce website

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Test plan for an ecommerce website.

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1).In a family there are many children ,boy have equal no.of brothers&sisters, girl have twice no.of brothers&sisters .Find the no.

2 Answers  

is review done after testing process? explain

0 Answers   CGI,

Test cases on Feed back form page ???

1 Answers   CDAC,

what is the role of a performance tester in web application,pls explain advantage of testing tool rather doing it manually

1 Answers  

Hi Friends I am learning QTP and in preliminary stage, able to write statements with no addl constraints however i am not able to get a solution if there are two options to be selected from the weblist and also when there are options with radio buttons need your help Thanks

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compare/different Waterfall and Rapid Application Development(RAD)

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which animal has 4 legs

4 Answers   Aurigo,

what is diff between scenario and testcase

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