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What is the difference between functional testing and
regression testing ?

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What is the difference between functional testing and regression testing ? ..

Answer / mahesh kotekar

Functional Testing: This test is performed to see weather
the program is working as per the given flow. functionality
is working correctly or not as per requiremnet.
Regression Testing: This test is performed during
modification stage. where the applied changes impact the
change in working of the whole project or not. Means
weather the modification caused errors in existing working
of the project or not....

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What is the difference between functional testing and regression testing ? ..

Answer / vijay

Functional Testing : 
Functional testing is conducted to confirm that the application is working as per requirements.

Regression Testing: 

Regression Testing is confirm whether and Change in a code an enhancement or a change has not introduced any new errors in the module where the change has happened or the corresponding modules which are dependent are functioning as earlier before the change has occurred.

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What is the difference between functional testing and regression testing ? ..

Answer / jyoti

Functional Testing: Checking each and every module of an application or component of a module working independently known as functional testing.

Regression Testing: It is done to make sure that new code changes should not have side effects on the existing functionality.It ensure that old code still work once the new code changes are done.

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