2.create for 10 batch:
1.select the employee name who deriving more than 10
thousand salary and joined before august 08.

use structure and pointers

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Tell me the work of HTREDUCE and HTZOOM

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what is the meaning of constant FILE EXCEEDS LENGTH LIMIT while loading from ps file to vsam in the jcl?

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What is the command routing in MFC framework?

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How to access document object from view ?

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What is the difference between the ASSERT and VERIFY macros?

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Hi All, i am new for VC++ SDK. i want to get the IP Address of all the External device connected with my local machine.please give the code Regards, Praveer

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What are the types of button controls?

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what is the difference between SDI and MDI

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how does the UIThread and worker thread communicates and handle events

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Hi All, I have created one MFC Dialog Based application.now if i am running the application its working fine,instead of closing he application i minimized the application,if i run the application again,i am getting the Dialog. I want to prevent the calling of application multiple times. please give me the code and let me know in which method i need to make changes. Praveer

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How do you change the properties for a tree view control that is part of the CTreeView class?

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What is subclassing?

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