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what is team work

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what is team work..

Answer / devesh

teamwork means to achieve the task or gaol of any
organisation by the group of peoples with equal
responsibilty to get efficient and effective profit.

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what is team work..

Answer / tejaswini

a team work means together everyone achieves more

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what is team work..

Answer / mavecha

team work is nothing but doing a work with the help of team
members to solve the problems,reduce the risk in work and
as well as to achieve the goals of our life

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what is team work..

Answer / jay

In simple terms, Team work invovles the breaking down of
tasks into smaller bits to achieve a collective goal

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what is team work..

Answer / priyanka

Team work means working for a task but on different module
so that each result can be summed up to get the whole sum
result...along with respecting and understanding ur fellow
workers and need of the job or u can say is way to implement
united we stand divided we fall.

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what is team work..

Answer / sargun


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what is team work..

Answer / ajit sahu

Teamwork is action performed by a team towards a common
goal. A team consist of more then one person, each of whom
typically has different responsibilities. A team also
inclueds seven common elements
1-common purpose
3-roles and contribution
4-satisfaction from mutual working
6-mutual and individual accountability

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what is team work..

Answer / thomson

Team works helps to build an organization to achieve its
goal with their hard work. A team is a destiny that makes
an agent to learn more and more form each of the colic’s.
It not only builds the organization but also helps to build
individual talents. A good team should have a vision and a
mission to achieve their goals. There are lots of things to
speak about a team work, even a book can be returned to
help a team leader. The leader of a team should be very
perfect to handle the team and should be psychological in
leading a team upon its goal.

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what is team work..

Answer / n nimkar

group of people comes together to solve common problem or to
achieve common goal. team work is different than group work,
group work is for short period as they comes together achieve
goal and gone where as in team they not only achieve goals
but they also major... it, hence team is for forever

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