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what are the differences and similarities between loans and
cumulative redeemable preference shares

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A man is sentenced to seven years in prison after falsely being convicted of murder. It later transpires that the victim is still alive. Can the convict be sentenced again if he kills the `victim' after he is released from prison?

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Please expand section 24 of HMP?

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what is your proofreading experience?

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if you keep googles and if you see Indian flag what colour it can see

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If the Software company is purchasing the Fixed Asset (computers)from outside the state then is the company liable to issue the C form to the dealer?

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What do you mean by Prelimnery Expenses ? How do you Account for? Can it be Written Off? How?

0 Answers   CS,

Can a proprietorship concern create floating charge over its receivables against any factoring/channel finance and if he/she can, what should the instrument be for creating such charge?

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Can a company register inferior ranking charge instead of pari passu charge as security ?

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i want to know how to tell the people about jesus Christ i want to tell all means who ever doing the idal worship when ever im seeing them i will feel so bad about them they will be having lots of problem in their life they will be waiting for some one to come and help them tell me how to tell them that really god is Jesus christ

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can a bill discounted be endorsed without acceptance .

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Why do ask we about child labour? why sould not we ask about child basic development? when we have education cess, why the amount not been ment for the development of child labour? when we have a system to eradicate child labour? Why that force is not child thier to put them in kind of bostal school? why the parent should not be punished for the child labour

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Case study Real estate question: 1. Mr. Johnson owns a small commercial property which has 4 units with a total square footage of 9384. The property is located in an area suffering from high vacancies. The current tenants remaining are ABC Corporation, who occupies 2888sq ft. And recently renegotiated and lowered their lease rate through 2011 and XYZ electronics corp., who occupies 3350 sq.ft. With their lease due to expire December 2010. The remaining 2 vacancies are marketed by a local broker. Currently there are no potential tenants viewing the vacant graces. What might Mr. Johnson do to retain his 2 tenants and attract new renters to his property and how might this impact his income and/or expenses this year and next year? Please explain your answer.

2 Answers   ALP, Wells Fargo,