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what are the general requirements ( legal ) to start a
small bussiness like cafe in tamilnadu?

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hi i have a problem plz help me. my husband went to USA 4 years back, now he is rejecting now a days he is not calling me, my parents r in deep depression,am not getting what action i have to take, now i want to teach a lesion to him, when he is going to USA he take fake bank statements and fake experience letters, i have all the documents with me, as a indian wife i support in all the directions when he is going to USA, still now am waiting for him plz give me some phone numbers and email id's to give complaint

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Would you be willing to branch out into any other area of law, if there is a need?

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What is GDR Issue ?

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has the vice president of india no formal function attached to his office?

0 Answers   UPPSC Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission,

Sir, My client A is doing job work on piece rate basis for B a establishment in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh and .His labour are working in Baddi Himschal Pradesh. and the payment was made to A after confirmation from the Quality confirmation department of the establishments and calculated on piece rate basis. Here B is exempted from excise duty from Excise. A has done work up to Feb, 2016t , 2009 nearly Rs15 - 20 lacs in total up to date . he is not charge any Service Tax. Pls advice in this case service tax is exempted if job work is done in excise exempt unit. Pls confirm in this case service Tax is exempted or not. If not exempted the then what amount b has to pay service tax.

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Dear sir. My name is Long Nguyen and i am reached at the ago of 18 years old. My dad is 66 and i working while earning retirement benefit. Later, i opened a new account and the SSR sent checks to me. But at the same time, my dad received a letter " retirement, survivors and disability insurance," to return money since i was 17 years old. he already sent it back. But we didn't know what was the decision.i still keep continue to earn money until 19. please answer to us , please

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What is surcharge?

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if customer will not able to give c-form then in bill which tax should i charge

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an offence punishable under IPC only when attempted and not when commited.

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