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can i change the jurisdiction of assessing authority of the dealer

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in which country did the parliamentary form of democracy originate ?

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During college days i loved a person & got registered marriage ,but stayed together and nobody comes to know about that and knowing some bad personalities i divorced him throug court, i got the divorce also within 1 year.So is it possible for me to marry another person without informing this matter,as nobody knows about my marriage..please help me.

1 Answers  

Is VAT should be charged on Freight charges or not ?

0 Answers   MSRTC,

if in a invoice professional charges and out of pocket expenses is mentioned then TDS is to be deducted on what?

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What about housing and small claims matters?

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State the circumstances where Licence is not required?

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Where do you plan to do your legal practice course (and/or gdl)?

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can anyone PLEASE UPDATE ME WHAT IS THE SYLLABUS OF The Company NHPC Limited (Formerly known as National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd.), LAW OFFICER EXAM ?

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what are the differences and similarities between loans and cumulative redeemable preference shares

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What do you think on the franchising of legal aid firms?

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Who among the following is the auhor of the book 'Justice For Common Man' M.C steealvad Nani palkiwala H.C seervai D.D basu

0 Answers   Delhi University,

What is the retirement age of prime minister of india??

3 Answers