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if we are purchase in 45 vat tax than we can deduct tds on

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2 Answers  

Is Late fee and service tax thereon LIC Premium is elgible for deduction u/s 80C ?

2 Answers   Voltas,

what is rate of vat on gold ? and what is the rate of tax applicalbe on sale of gold in case of interstate sale ?

7 Answers  

what is the difference between banker cheque and cheque?

7 Answers   Apex,

1. Is TDS asset or Liability ?. 2. Is TCS Asset or Liability ?. 3. Which is Debit side and Which is Credit Side in Balance Sheet ?.

11 Answers  

Do we deduct TDS while making payment for AMC of UPS / computer of less then Rs.5000/- if yes then @ what rate?

8 Answers   Ask Agro Chemicals, Atlantic BPO,

We have sold goods to customer against H-Form in each quarter of the year. But customer is issuing single H-Form for whole year purchase. Should we accept it or not?

3 Answers  

what is vat rates in andhra pradesh

7 Answers   Astrotech, Narayana,

what is tds concept

2 Answers  

material sale seller to buyer, seller give to material to buyer against Form H, so what benefit to seller to submit Form H for vat purpose.

1 Answers  

what is timings of ruturn filing of vat,cst,service tax,cenvat explaine?

3 Answers   Visa Steel,

Timings / Months when the advance tax shud be paid For Individual?

2 Answers