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what is the difference between cash flow and funds flow

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how many form h we can issue against import

2 Answers  

expand I C W A I

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how margnial costing is used in manufacturing sectors, what is the method/steps for using marginal costing

2 Answers   Bosch,


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why was started accounting year as on April 1st

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Why Net Result Of The Business Called Profit And Loss A/c Why Not Profit Or Loss A/c?

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1) why rbi charges more interest rate in d form of repo while borrowing from commercial banks, and lends at a lower interest rate(reverse repo) to d commercial banks? 2) Do cooperative banks need to maintain policy rates with rbi? 3) why rbi does'nt pay any interest rate on CRR?

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state and explain THREE types of situation to which accounting concept might be applicable

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Meaning of portfolio management?

0 Answers   Mellon,

what are the golden principle of accounting?

10 Answers   Bank Of America, Capital IQ, Genpact, Jenpac,