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now a days why people are getting angry?

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now a days why people are getting angry?..

Answer / james

stress and depressions are the triggers of a persons angry
state of mind. on not getting the required feedbacks people
tend to hurl the choicest of abuses on the other person i
have my self seen such roadrages take place yes ppl r
gettin angrier by the day

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now a days why people are getting angry?..

Answer / anwar

Now a days people are not getting good result as they want
so they get angry. now a days prices are rising in the
market but salary is limited so people are getting tentions
that how they will survive and they take alcohol and drugs
and smoke by this, they live in stress and due to stress
they get angry generally.

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now a days why people are getting angry?..

Answer / lloyd

Nowadays we've gone to far by constant evolving there we
have the fast-pace changing of technology as well as humans
they take drugs and what drugs could affect them the way
they think, therefore affecting their behaviors and moods.
that's why innocent people don't understand the way they
act. It's i think a factor of triggering madness to people.

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