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what is difference between weblogic and websphere?

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what is difference between weblogic and websphere?..

Answer / suresh

You can say so many diff b/w welogic and websphere

In websphere u can add standalone server as a maneged
server in Domain

Where as in weblogic u can't add WLS server as member to
the another domain.

In websphere u can add webserver as a unmanaged node where
as u cannnt do that in weblogic.

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what is difference between weblogic and websphere?..

Answer / vru

Functionally these two products are fairly close except for some minor differences in supported standards.

While WebSphere tends to focus more on integration, connectivity, and web services - WebLogic has in the past focused more on emerging J2EE standards and ease-of-use.

Because of WebSphere's rich implementations of J2EE it is a little more involved, but benefits with better performance, more extensive integration and transaction management

In terms of transaction WebLogic is having default transaction attribute as "Supports", but WebSphere does not have any default transaction attribute.

WebSphere strictly follows the J2EE architecture

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what is difference between weblogic and websphere?..

Answer / santhosh kumar

in case of weblogic there is hard deployment is there
where as in websphere there is no hard deployment

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