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Dear Friends,
What is the examination pattern of group 1 ?

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Dear Friends, What is the examination pattern of group 1 ?..

Answer / prashanthi

hi friends if u didnot receive ur hall ticket u can down
load thru net the web site address is

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Dear Friends, What is the examination pattern of group 1 ?..

Answer / anil arora

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hi guys i am doin my btech 3rd yr can i attempt group 1 examination ? am i eligible ??

2 Answers  

when will bthe group1 main exame

1 Answers  

I have qualified for the Mains examination of GroupI. 1)I would be happy if any of you could tell me as how to prepare for the mains?? 2)If any of you are taking coaching in R.C.Reddy study circle, can u please let me know if we can get the subject material for all the papers of GropuI by post??If yes whom to contact and how much it would cost?? 3)Can anyone post the questions which are more likely to appear in the examination?? Thanking you for your patience and help. Ms.Varghese,Visakhapatnam

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can u give me total mains questions and answers

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Who is our present naabard chairman?

1 Answers  

please let me know the minimum qualifying marks in screening test of group1 2008 to be eligible for group1 main exam.

2 Answers  

how can i get the full information about Group1 exams

2 Answers  

I lost my hall ticket of Group1 (Pril), unfortunately i was fail to note down my hall ticke no.. My score may be in range of 90-95. But i didnt get confirmation , becaz of Hall Ticket no. how can i get my hall ticket no . one more thing i dont have serial no also......

3 Answers   APPSC, Group 1 i,

can any one suggest me how and what materials should i take to prepare for GROUP 1 EXAM

0 Answers  

where can i get the model papers & previous exams papers of group I & II ?

4 Answers   FIC, Group 1 i, TCS,

1. The thermal power plant of Bokaro is located in

2 Answers  

What is the probable cut off for group1 mains 2017 conducted by APPSC

0 Answers   APPSC,