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Plz let me know how to get hall permit for Group-1 from
net. I have checked site but no provision is made yet.

Plz let me know how to get hall permit for Group-1 from net. I have checked site but no provision ..

Answer / prashanthi

hi friends if u didnot receive ur hall ticket u can down
load thru net the web site address is

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Is group 1 one of the part of civils

2 Answers  

i didn't get my hallticket.How can i download my hallticket.can u please suggest me any web site for downloading or any other alternation.

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hii this is rajani.i have finished my engg in 2007.and i got 59.21 agreagte.what is a minimum percentage to write group1 exam.and wich language is best(telugu/english).and can any one pls tel me whre can i get good material for this.pls help me .pls give a reply to my amil id ,i.e,, thank u.

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what is de percentage required to qualify in group 1 prelims and mains?

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now in the notification of group-1 in 2008varous posts are announced.if we apply group-1 we are eligible to all the posts are we have to individually applied for various posta

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who is our supreme commander of force of India

2 Answers   Yash Technologies,

Can anyone please tell me when is the verdict of the case pending group1 mains in supreme court?

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hai,anil thank u for ur valuable information..i was waiting for d response but at last i got it..still i hav a doubts.. actually that link was not opening..can u giv a response as soon as possible plz..

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what will be cutoff for group1 mains held in sep 2012

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hello sir..i got 73 marks in group1 prelims exam,am i qualify for mains?pls reply me...

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what are the jobs in group-1,2,3,4 and where do we get coaching centre for it in hyderabad

7 Answers   APPSC, Essar, HBS, IBM, TCS,

Please provide me the contact details of R.C. REDDY coaching center located at ashok nagar,hyderabad which provides coaching for APPSC GROUP 1 services.

41 Answers   APPSC, Group Services, Reliance,