3. A chicken farmer surveyed his flock with the
following results. The farmer


9 fat red roosters(male), 37 fat chickens 6 thin red

2 fat red hens , 7 thin brown hens ,5 thin red hens

26 fat roosters (total) ,18 thin brown roosters

Answer the following questions about the flock(HINT: in
your Venn diagram make a circle for fat, for male and for
red). How many chickens are:

a) fat? __________
b) red? ___________
c) male? _________

d) fat, but not male? _________
e) brown, but not fat? ________

e) read and fat? _________

3. A chicken farmer surveyed his flock with the following results. The farmer Has: 9 fat ..

Answer / marion asuvila


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