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what are you doing in 2 years after your graduation?

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what are you doing in 2 years after your graduation?..

Answer / alistair

after finishing my graduation i was looking for a job which
matches my profile....i had gained lot of experience from i can able to take decisions individually...i can
gained the ability to work under pressure....i learnt a lot
from my previous mistakes ...and i hope i will rectify it in
the upcoming tasks...... have the ability to work in
teams..takes the initiative in a team........

these are the qualities which i had gained during the two
after finishing my graduation//

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what are you doing in 2 years after your graduation?..

Answer / nitin

after finishing graduation i have done software testing certification course of 3months and after that i was looking for job in it company which tha most of the company demands fees for their training program and i was fully uncomfortable for this kind of opportunity and its being lots of time spent and suddenly one day i gone through a major accident of myself and i was on bed rest for 6months and the day was going and going and after recover from that horrible moment im on the path for better carrier opportunity .

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