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Is there any training availble for qtp/winrunner?

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Hi, Is there any training availble for qtp/winrunner? thanks, sheetal..

Answer / dashrath prasad

Hi there is one Institute in pUne from which you can do
QTP .It is Quexst Solution Pvt Ltd

They are providing QTP 9.2 + VB Scripting + Framework
+Live Project +Project Exp certificate and Certificate for
QTP 9.2

PLs Contact me : Dashrath Prasad ( 9970923165)

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Hi, Is there any training availble for qtp/winrunner? thanks, sheetal..

Answer / sandeep

Ya,so many institutes in ameerpet

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Hi, Is there any training availble for qtp/winrunner? thanks, sheetal..

Answer / rajkumar

Which location you currently into then only i can say
that institute....


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