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What are the composite date types in oracle?

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What are the composite date types in oracle? ..

Answer / sohini

Composite datatypes in Oracle are those which have internal
component.Date,number,character,boolean are Scaler data
types which have no internal Component.there are two types
of Composite datatype:
1.Records: they are used to store dissimpilar data as a
logical unit.E.g if employee is a record then emp
id,salary,department can be its various components which
together form the record.Records can be user defined
records or delared using %rowtype based of row of table or
2.Collections:They again have sub-types as nested
table,index by table and varrays.They are similar to arrays
which are used to store similar data in the form of arrays.

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What are the composite date types in oracle? ..

Answer / richa

In pl/sql we have two types of datatypes
1. scalar
2. composite.

In scalar u can store only one value at a time and
ex is a number(10),name char(1) etc.

While in Composite u can store whole row mean if one row
have 3 columns so u can store 3 values in a composite
datatype variable at a time.
Ex. emp employees%rowtype ;
Mean if enployees have 3 columns so in variable emp u can
store 3 values of 3 columns at a time .

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What are the composite date types in oracle? ..

Answer / rohini

Composite data type - is data type which has internal
components, such as RECORD, TABLE and VARRAY.
Composite datatypes are also known as collection.

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What are the composite date types in oracle? ..

Answer / art

Composite Data Types:

Associative array (index-by table)
Nested table

Associative arrays, nested tables, and varrays are also referred to as collections.

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What are the composite date types in oracle? ..

Answer / yuva k

%type and %rowtype are two composite data types in Oracle.

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What are the composite date types in oracle? ..

Answer / satya

composite data types are similar to collection data type
these are like varray,associative array ,nested table

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