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What is the term used for a new user of the internet?

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I m allready working in nationalised bank as a clerk(3-4 month)in rajasthan(posted at home town). now i m selected in sbi for the post of clerk(punjab).. should i join sbi? is it right choice? i m very confused plz reply.

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ph is 4.01,6.86,9.18 mv value 184.7,19.0,-110.7 how to calculate slope manually

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What is the difference between legal and organisational?

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Hi... i selected as a clerk in SBI...When we want to join? right now i m working in private concern... i want to give reliving letter to my HR... if any one knows na please inform me... Thanking u

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if any APPSC recruitment notification will be coming, then immediately the alert message about the recruitment will be come to my mail, what i have to do for that.

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my all friend got the date of exam why should i not

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sir, when will start the new batch for group2 coaching... pls kindly inform me.......

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Merchant account holder seeking Call Centers to team up with. Merchant accounts in UK, Canada, and US. Call Centers anywhere welcome. Please contact us if interested.

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Hi everybody Iam Nandhini,I want to know when the syndicate bank will display the list of shortlisted candidates of probationary clerks.Please let me know when they will announced??????

0 Answers   Syndicate Bank,

Presently I'm doing my Post Graduation Diploma in Business Administration (Finance Stream). I'm working for a support related process. How to answer if any HR asks your stream is finance and the work you are doing is different which is not related to finance. Any suggestions please ?

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Iam an engineering graduate ,working in IT field.....hav to appear in LIC ADO interview next week... CAN ANYONE HINT me how to answer "WHY INSURANCE AFTER ENGINEERING" ?? Thanks in advance Regards, Ashish

0 Answers   LIC,

Can someone please help me out with interview Questions for SBI management executive exam? Is it expected to be same as SBI PO Interview, or it is expected to be a higher level interview? Please guide. Thanks in advance.

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,