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Hello I got only 1 I-20.
I did my Bachelors in computers and MBA,now ia have
alpplued for MBA(information systems).I have 2 years of
work experience in HSBC in India.
What are my Visa success ratio.

Hello I got only 1 I-20. I did my Bachelors in computers and MBA,now ia have alpplued for MBA(inf..

Answer / pop

getting a visa is not like calculating probability. that is
also an experience of how you perform with honesty and show
interest towards your studies. so try your level best and
with great courage. with blessings of god you will get your
visa successfully.

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Do you have to repay this money to your parents? What is your Bank Balance? Why is your Passbook reflecting recent transactions?

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Is Police Checking Done for getting visa confirmation as that done when we have applied for passport?? If police checking doesnot include personal interview by police officals, then how is police clearance done for getting visa.......... Please reply soon if any one knows

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Hi, i have done a post graduate course i.e MCA and applying for MS in information system at universities in USA. As i have done masters some univ waive my GRE, even though i have given GRE for which my score was low 630. My TOEFL score is 86.I have 2nd class in graduation and 2nd class in MCA.I have received I-20 from 1 univ, will the GRE score bother me at the time of visa interview?And which Questions would i prepare for before going to the interview? nd Why ur going to masters again? ineed answer for these questions plz?

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i have applied F1 visa 8th Aug and i have been rejected i could not conveince her on transfer from 3years bachelors of environmental science to sociology and i need to reach university by 25th Aug .last interview i said for second bachelor she asked why didnt search for environmental science and environment management and wild life management is different

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i was interview ,the consulate ask me two question,why i choose the university,and i convinced him with that,secondly he ask me what is my sponsor i told him my uncle,he ask what he does i said an accountant in a school and firm,he send with the code that state i did not show capability to complete study for my bachelor program with enough finance and i dont have enough tie,i plan to lie this time for my next appointment in addition to what i gave.what do u thinK?

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?

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my cousin broyher is in usa can i tell my cousin brother is going to sponsor me

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give me strong reason why should i give u valid visa

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I am called Nelson Adeson , I am in Cameroon - Douala , I have admission into Dallas Baptist University to study Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Fall Semester 2011 , I had my admission without Toef , what are my chancing of getting a Visa , Dallas Baptist University is a Christian University and i wish to know how i can answer the Visa Officer if i am been ask the below question : 1..Why do you choose a Christian University . 2..Why do you choose to study Computer Science . 3..Why do you choose Dallas Baptist University . 4..Why did you not take Toef . -Is they a disadvantages of session universities Visa obtaining at the Embassy - Is computer Science really a bad major to take to the embassy . Thanks ,

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When are you going to be married?

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(1)i am a stammerer, and i will be going for and interview, what do i do? (2)I am going to study English language, if the interview ask me why do i want to study English language? What do reply the Interview officer?

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