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what is the difference between nifty & sensex?

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Hi, It is really annoying for an aspirant of group1 exams, considering the uncertainity and sheer non transaparancy in the status of the supreme court judement pending..some body give a clear dates as to when it would be released.. and when would the next preliminary for group1 would be conducted.... Thanks in advance.. Please give the reliable and correct information....

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what process model is the best for on line shopping?.. v-model waterfall or spiral?

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Tell me something about your school days.

0 Answers   HCL,

can anybody tells me about the latest walkin for M.C.A in software companies?

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hello..............Is this company BPO or ITES...........

0 Answers   Microland,

waht is your srength and weakness?

0 Answers   Global InnovSource,

If my taxable Income is 60,000 then how much do i need to invest in Insurance policy?

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where is isro located?

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describe the functions of the human skeleton

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Is the grand canyon still forming?

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