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What are the technical risks involved in Software testing

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What are the technical risks involved in Software testing project? ..

Answer / raj.thakur21

The major risk involved in STP is Quality.
And the quality is diectly proportional to

1)the test case used for that module/AUT.
2)the number of bug's found.
3)the number of bug's get fixed.
And finally the AUT should meet the SRS.

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What are the technical risks involved in Software testing project? ..

Answer / deepa

What is Risk?
“Risk are future uncertain events with a probability of
occurrence and a potential for loss”

Risk identification and management are the main concerns in
every software project. Effective analysis of software
risks will help to effective planning and assignments of

In this article I will cover what are the “types of risks”.
In next articles I will try to focus on risk
identification, risk management and mitigation.

Risks are identified, classified and managed before actual
execution of program. These risks are classified in
different categories.

Categories of risks:

Schedule Risk:
Project schedule get slip when project tasks and schedule
release risks are not addressed properly.
Schedule risks mainly affect on project and finally on
company economy and may lead to project failure.
Schedules often slip due to following reasons:

Wrong time estimation
Resources are not tracked properly. All resources like
staff, systems, skills of individuals etc.
Failure to identify complex functionalities and time
required to develop those functionalities.
Unexpected project scope expansions.
Budget Risk:

Wrong budget estimation.
Cost overruns
Project scope expansion
Operational Risks:
Risks of loss due to improper process implementation,
failed system or some external events risks.
Causes of Operational risks:

Failure to address priority conflicts
Failure to resolve the responsibilities
Insufficient resources
No proper subject training
No resource planning
No communication in team.
Technical risks:
Technical risks generally leads to failure of functionality
and performance.
Causes of technical risks are:

Continuous changing requirements
No advanced technology available or the existing
technology is in initial stages.
Product is complex to implement.
Difficult project modules integration.
Programmatic Risks:
These are the external risks beyond the operational limits.
These are all uncertain risks are outside the control of
the program.
These external events can be:

Running out of fund.
Market development
Changing customer product strategy and priority
Government rule changes.

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