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. Finance Commission is constituted every :

(1) Three years

(2) Six years

(3) Four years

(4) Five years

. Finance Commission is constituted every : (1) Three years (2) Six years (3) Four years ..

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( 4 ) Five years

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. Countries favourably influenced by westerlies are (1) South Chile and South-West Africa (2) New Zealand (3) British Columbia, East of U.S.A. and Western, Europe (4) All of these

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. The second battle of Panipat was fought between (1) Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi (2) Humayun and Sher Shah Suri (3) Akbar and Hemu (4) Marathas and ahmed Shah Abdali

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The author of the Vandemataram Song was (a) Prem Chand (b) Bankin Chandra Chatterjee (c) Surendranath Chatterjee (d) Rabindranth Tagore

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The forest Satyagraha palnadu (Guntur) was undertaken as: (a) Poverty of the people (b) Harassment of the people by the subordinate staff of forest department increased (c) Non-payment of the taxesl by the people (d) All the above

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The Reddi age sans the use of Surnames of Brahmins ending with (a) Mantri and Sastry (b) Sastry and Sarma (c) Mantri and Raja (d) None

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. The joint session of both the Houses is convened when (1) There is disagreement between the two Houses on a money Bill (2) There is disagreement between the two Houses on a non-money Bill (3) The president address both the Houses when a new Lok Sabha is elected or when first session of both the Houses are held in a year (4) None of these

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What was official language ? (a) Sanskrit (b) Dravidian languages (c) Both A & B (d) None

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. The Oath of office is conducted to the president by (1) The Speaker of Lok Sabha (2) The Chief Justice of India (3) The Vice-President of India (4) None of the above

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. How long can a Presidential ordinance remain in force? (1) 2 moths (2) 3 months (3) 6 months (4) Till the president revokes it

9 Answers   HSSC, RRB, SSC,

group4 exam deatils?

58 Answers   AML, APPSC, Banking, Event Management, Group 4 iv, Infosys, Junior Assistant, Mannar Company, Satyam, Sony,

where can v get group II material in english, is it posssible 2 prepare 4 this exam in english.

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The important event of the civil administration of Devaraya I was (a) Constructed tanks (b) Beautified Vijayanagara (c) Constructed dam across Tungabhadra river (d) Excavated many Canals

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