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. Mauryan divided the empire into

(1) Mandals

(2) Taluks

(3) Provinces

(4) States

. Mauryan divided the empire into (1) Mandals (2) Taluks (3) Provinces (4) States..

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( 3 ) Provinces

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Who was known as “Desha Bhandavi”? (a) Anna Poorna (b) Poorna Tilakam (c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Duvvuri Subbamma

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. Regional rural banks started functioning in India in: (1) 1970 (2) 1971 (3) 1973 (4) 1975

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The famous Vishnukundin caves are located at (a) Bhiravakonda (b) Bethamcherla (c) Dhulikatta (d) Undavalli and Mogalrajpuram

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The crown took over the Government of India by (1) The Charter Act of 1833 (2) The Act of 1858 (3) The Indian Council Act of 1861 (4) Pitt’s India Act, 1784

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In which year was the Integrated Rural Development Programme launched? (1) 1978 (2) 1980 (3) 1984 (4) 1986

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In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court declare Judicial Review as a basic feature of the Indian Constitution? (1) Minerva Mills vs. the Union of India (2) Balaji vs. the State of Mysore (3) Golaknath vs. the State of Punjab (4) Keshavananda Bharati vs. the State of Kerala

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. Malik Kafur was a trusted general of (1) Ala-Ud-din-Khilji (2) Feroz Tughlaq (3) Iltutmish (4) Changez Khan

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Nirmal is famous for : (a) Bidriwork (b) Toys (c) Lacquer work (d) Carpet making

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. Family Planning has faced maximum obstacle in rural areas because of : (1) Deficiency in planning (2) Non-availability of birth control devices (3) Psychological factors and social orthodoxy (4) Lack of allotment of adequate funds

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The Mughal emperor who built the red fort in Delhi was (a) Babar (b) Akbar (c) Shahjahan (d) Humayun

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Who was responsible for the down fall of western Chalukyas? (a) Prataparudra Deva (b) Polaraja-II (c) Rudrama Devi (d) None

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The western education was introduced in India by (a) Lord Bentinick (b) Lord Curzan (c) Lord Wellesly (d) Lord Hastings

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